Celebration for Fuzhou Hongdong Fishery's "FuYuanYu 8706-8709" Multi-function Ocean-Fishing Vessels equipped with high-end Sonar equipment FSV-35 project completed
09 April 2020

With the initiative of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Fujian's ocean-going fishery is booming. 
At present, there are more than 550 vessels in the ocean-going fishery industry in the province. Nine bases have been built in the three oceans, with the comprehensive strength ranking first in the country.

<Hongdong Fisheries Co., Ltd.> As one of the leading marine industry enterprises in Fujian Province, equipped with top-tech fishing equipment is an indispensable part.

<Weibo Marine Ltd.> as a professional supplier of high-end fishing equipment, adhering to the "focus on the principle of service, attentive service" to provide the best products and solutions to customers responsible attitude from providing the best solutions, installation and commissioning Work, as well as crew equipment operation training, provide professional one-stop shop fishing equipment.

This project of our company provides top-level equipment such as FSV-35, FSV-85, high-end sonar equipment FSV-35, FSV-85, fish finder FCV-1900G and ocean-going radar for four multi-purpose ocean-going fishing vessels of Hongdong Fisheries, which present as a standard on subsequent same-type vessels.

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